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44. Parashat Devarim / Haftarah Isaiah
45. Parashat Va’eschanan / Haftarah Isaiah
46. Parashat Eikev / Haftarah Isaiah
47. Parashat Re’eh / Haftarah Isaiah
48. Parashat Shoftim / Haftarah Isaiah
49. Parashat Ki Teitzei / Haftarah Isaiah
50. Parashat Ki Tavo / Haftarah Isaiah
51. Parashat Nitzavim / Haftarah Isaiah
52. Parashat Vayeilech / Haftarah Hosea, Joel, Micah
53. Parashat Haazinu / Haftarah II Samuel
54. Parashat Vezos Haberachah / Haftarah I Kings

There are a number of times during the year that a special haftarah replaces the normal reading. We can adjust to add that special haftarah onto your CD. If this is your case please contact us so we may create the CD you require.