Click below to view the standard Parasha/Haftarah combinations:







1. Parashat Bereshit / Haftarah Isaiah
2. Parashat Noach / Haftarah Isaiah
3. Parashat Lech Lecha / Haftarah Isaiah
4. Parashat Vayeira / Haftarah II Kings
5. Parashat Chayei Sarah / Haftarah I Kings
6. Parashat Toldot / Haftarah Malachi
7. Parashat Vayeitzei / Haftarah Hosea
8. Parashat Vayishlach / Haftarah Obadiah
9. Parashat Vayeishev / Haftarah Amos
10. Parashat Mikeitz / Haftarah I Kings
11. Parashat Vayigash / Haftarah Ezekiel
12. Parashat Vayechi / Haftarah I Kings

There are a number of times during the year that a special haftarah replaces the normal reading. We can adjust to add that special haftarah onto your CD. If this is your case please contact us so we may create the CD you require.