A Bar/Bat Mitzvah student can spend up to a year studying to read from the Torah. Very little time is spent on understanding the meanings within the Biblical portion or how those ideas apply to the student.

The CD will allow students, parents and others to explore the different concepts found in their specific Parasha/Haftarah. You can use the CD when you want, as often as you want, and on any computer running a windows operating system.

There are 54 CD's in total, representing each of the weekly Torah portions. Each CD is unique and will focus on the different themes found within your particular Parasha/Haftarah. You only need to purchase the CD title that applies to you.

The cost of a CD is:
$20 without chanting, or
$25 with chanting
plus $5 shipping and handling.
To order a CD please click on the order link on the left.

Each CD contains ten segments:
* Introduction
* History
* Where your Parasha/Haftarah Comes From
* Summary of Your Parasha/Haftarah
* The Parasha
* The Haftarah
* How the Parasha/Haftarah Applies to You
* Modern Midrash
* Glossary
* Conclusion

For an additional $15 we can copy the chanting of the lines from your portion of the Parasha and Haftarah and place them into an audio CD.

This will allow you to study your chanting with any device that supports audio such as a walkman, the car cd player or a mp3 player.